What is MiAid? Who designed MiAid?
MiAid is designed by practising medical specialists and nursing practitioners with the support of experienced experts from pharmaceutical, retail, travel and information technology industries.
Who is it for?
Any consenting adult over 17 years of age. Local or international travellers, especially one with chronic illnesses may find MiAid mobile app a good source of information.
What are MiAid main features?
The app has two free functions and two premium functions.
Location Map
This is a user-centric location map that’s pre-populated with hospitals, medical clinics and pharmacy information. The user can utilise the map to find healthcare services nearby.
This is a virtual e-Shop within 15 Km radius that user can find and purchase goods and services. The order then can be picked up by the user or delivered to a specific locations. Delivery fee varies depending on the order size and location.
Customer Care
This is a premium service available to subscription user only. The app offers language-matched virtual customer care representatives via video to user who needs access healthcare services.
Tele-Consultation with Doctors
This is another premium services where subscription users has the option to speak to a qualified medical practitioner online via our virtual customer care representatives.
What on-demand services dose MiAid Offer to freemium users?
MiAid offers users options to purchase Tele-consultation with selected, locally registered healthcare providers.
What is MiAid Subscription?
MiAid Subscription of our users premium services for a pre-defined period of time in a specific region of the world.
What extra services am I entitled to with my travel subscription?
In addition to map and e-Shop function, premium users with subscription packages will have access to language-matched virtual customer care services as well as free and/or Tele-consultations services from doctors. The premium users are further entitled to request 2nd opinion services from Micurae. (see below)
If I am a local resident in Australia, can I use MiAid?
Yes. As freemium user of the app, you will be able to assess the map and e-Shop functions for free. You will also be able to use other functions if user’s own doctor has choose MiAid service and sign you up as a Home Care user.
If I am a current subscribing individual user and my employer send me an invitation for a corporate sponsored subscription, what happens?
Once you received an invitation email and choose to accept the offer, a separate email will follow soon from the company informing you of new subscription package details and login credentials. User’s pre-existing personal subscription will be automatically suspended for the duration of the Corporate Subscription. Once that expires, user’s personal subscription will resume.
If the corporate sponsored subscription is for region A, what happens to my individual subscription for region B?
Those two subscription will co-exist. The activation will depend on user’s location.
What is Home Care?
HomeCare is a specifically designed Australian-only subscription package offered by healthcare provider to local users. It is essential a free Tele-health/ambulatory service that allows users to connect to their own doctors at the time of need. This subscription is free from MiAid. The cost of consultation is decided and charged by the healthcare provider directly.
How long is a typical HomeCare Subscription?
12 months.
I have an existing Home Care user in Australia but purchased a Subscription for Region B before I depart Australia. Why don’t I see the package in app’s menu?
As long as you are in Australia and has a Home Care subscription, the app will use that as the default subscription. When the user depart Australia and arrive at the destination - a country that is included in Region B on our service list, then user’s new travel subscription for Region B will become active. Home Care package then will become suspended as you have left Australia.
Hardware and Software Requirements?
It is recommended the MiAid mobile app is used on hand-held devices with high- resolution cameras. In addition, a good 4/5G or high speed wifi will
How do I download, install and activate MiAid ?
The MiAid mobile app is both available on iOS and Android Platform. As individual users, one can download the app and sign up themselves. As a corporate or Home Care user, the sponsoring employer or family physician will invite you via an email and then assign you subscription packages and login details.
Currently where can I use MiAid, and in the future ?
Currently we are operational in cities of Melbourne and Sydney in Australia. We are also capable of providing services in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Singapore.
Regions of the World
Region A Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, United Kingdom
Region B USA, Switzerland, Japan
Region C Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka
Region D Italy, France, Spain, Dubai
Region E China
Information on this unique personalised wellness services will be available soon
Micurae is a unique service offering international 2nd opinion services that is available to MiAid subscribers. Our local and international users is provided access to our database of over 300 + international experts in variety of fields for written opinion as well as Tele-Consultation.
Data Security, Privacy, Social Responsibility and Legal Matters
For the successful functioning of the mobile app, it will prompt the user to enable the device notification and share their location when using the app. Also it will ask for access to the device camera and microphone at the beginning of Tele-consultation session.

To ensure user privacy, MiAid App database does not store any of user’s confidential information. In particular the app does not store home addresses and credit card information. It does not use cookies.

All information offered in app to our users are collected and assess by MiAid team and deemed most up-to-date. MiAid does not offer any medical advice to our users and certainly does not receive commissions, kickbacks and any other financial remuneration from any healthcare providers it connects the user to.

The system is designed in adherence to Australian Health Regulation, AHPRA standards as well as in accordance with RACGP Standards for after-hours and medical deputising services and the Clinical Triage Education Kit by the Royal Australasian College of Emergency Medicine.
MiAid Network - for Global Partners
We welcome all international healthcare providers to join our even growing network. Please write to us at info@mi-aid.com.au.

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