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Looking for a 'Medical Consultant'? 

MiAid is here to connect you with top-tier medical consultants, ensuring you receive the best care at home or travelling. Our platform provides easy access to trusted healthcare facilities and specialists. Simply input your location, and we’ll guide you to the nearest reputable clinics.

Medical consultants are equally important to the healthcare delivery system since they manage all patient-related communication and know patient needs. To produce accurate diagnoses, they read through patient histories and analyse various diagnostic test results. Medical consultants communicate with our distant physicians frequently to ensure optimal prescribing for each patient, meeting each patient's specific needs.

GP Video Consultation at Your Fingertips

GP video consultation is one of the most practical and efficient forms of telemedicine in the modern medical field. With your doctor, you can use online video calls to receive an answer to your question or discuss a problem from the comfort of your home without going to the medical facility. Another advantage is that patients can also make an appointment for video consulting at their preferred personal time without an extensive waiting period. In GP video consultation, a patient can converse directly with a doctor within a location of his or her choice such as at home. This type of medical consultation allows the patient to discuss their health problems with the doctor using an interactive channel, whether it is a description of symptoms, history or a diagnosis, which can be done through an online video conference. This goes hand in hand with protecting the privacy of patients, as well as the security of their medical data. GP video consultations may also involve prescription of medicine advice and referrals. The doctor can prescribe some drugs during the video conference and forward them to a particular pharmacy in the next step, making it easier for the patient to collect the medicine on his or her own.

Your One-Stop E-Commerce Platform for Medical Essentials

Venturing abroad or simply preparing for unexpected scenarios? MiAid's e-commerce platform is your ultimate resource. Curated for travellers like you, we host a wide variety of medical essentials and travel products. Dive into our extensive catalogue and discover everything from basic first-aid kits to specialized health supplements.

Why Choose MiAid?

Global Selection: Our international platform hosts products from reputed suppliers worldwide, ensuring you get only the best.
Easy Shopping Experience: With a user-friendly interface, shopping for medical essentials has never been more straightforward.
Prompt Deliveries: We understand the urgency of medical products. That’s why our team ensures timely delivery right to your doorstep.
Find Nearby Clinics: Never fret about finding a good clinic again. MiAid’s locator feature provides you with information about trusted healthcare providers in your vicinity.
Expert Medical Consultants: Connect with experienced medical consultants who can provide professional advice and treatment plans.
Convenient GP Video Consultations: Access GP video consultations for immediate medical advice without leaving your home or hotel.

How MiAid Works

  1. Download the App: Available on both iOS and Android.
  2. Sign Up: Quick and easy registration process.
  3. Access Medical Consultants: Connect with top medical consultants through our app.
  4. Schedule GP Video Consultations: Book video appointments with general practitioners at your convenience.
  5. Shop for Medical Essentials: Explore our extensive catalogue and order necessary medical supplies with ease.

Experience Seamless Healthcare with MiAid

With MiAid, you have a reliable partner in health, providing you with access to medical consultants, GP video consultations, and a comprehensive e-commerce platform for all your medical needs. Join our community and ensure your health and well-being are always a priority.

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Our dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you. At MiAid, your health and well-being are our top priorities.

How It Works

MiAid user’s health and wellness is how we measure our success. MiAids expert panel of doctors, nurses, medical-grade interpreters as well as trained customer service officers forms a global health safety net and will be at your service just a few clicks away. The team will bring user the most efficient, safe and cost-effective evidence based healthcare.
Business Portal
MiAid affiliated business partners are valuable part of its global health concierge eco-system. The business portal gives our business partners the flexibility to design unique value-add care packages to suit their own customers and employee alike.
Doctor Portal
The doctor portal gives our trusted and pre-approved medical practitioner access to Telehealth consultation requests by MiAid users. The portal unique design allows medical practitioner full access to functionalities such as consultation scheduling, setting fees as well as streamlined billing and invoicing.
eCommerce Portal
We recognise the need of accessing health and medical related products on the go. The eCommerce Portal helps our valuable retailers offering carefully selected products to MiAid user at the time of need. The portal can be accessed by vendor and allows inventory management and pricing.