MiAid Telemedicine: Your Global Access to National Telemedicine Doctors

The New Frontier of Healthcare
In today's digital age, quality healthcare is no longer bound by geography. MiAid's cross-border tele-health platform is revolutionizing the way you connect with national telemedicine doctors from all corners of the globe.

Seamless, Secure, and Simple:
Our user-centric platform is meticulously designed to offer a seamless tele-health experience:

Multi-Channel Conversations: Discuss, share, and collaborate on your health concerns with experts in real-time through our interactive channels.
Global Network, Local Expertise: Access a vast network of national telemedicine doctors, each bringing local expertise and global insights.
Safe and Sound: Prioritizing your privacy, our app ensures that all your consultations and shared medical data remain encrypted and confidential.

Why Choose MiAid for Telemedicine?

Boundless Consultations: Whether you're a globetrotter or comfortably nestled at home, connect with national telemedicine doctors irrespective of borders.
Flexible Scheduling: Schedule your appointments as per your convenience, and save on travel and waiting time.
Personalized Experience: Enjoy one-on-one interactions, ensuring you receive dedicated attention and tailored advice every time.

How It Works

MiAid user’s health and wellness is how we measure our success. MiAids expert panel of doctors, nurses, medical-grade interpreters as well as trained customer service officers forms a global health safety net and will be at your service just a few clicks away. The team will bring user the most efficient, safe and cost-effective evidence based healthcare.
Business Portal
MiAid affiliated business partners are valuable part of its global health concierge eco-system. The business portal gives our business partners the flexibility to design unique value-add care packages to suit their own customers and employee alike.
Doctor Portal
The doctor portal gives our trusted and pre-approved medical practitioner access to Telehealth consultation requests by MiAid users. The portal unique design allows medical practitioner full access to functionalities such as consultation scheduling, setting fees as well as streamlined billing and invoicing.
eCommerce Portal
We recognise the need of accessing health and medical related products on the go. The eCommerce Portal helps our valuable retailers offering carefully selected products to MiAid user at the time of need. The portal can be accessed by vendor and allows inventory management and pricing.